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Born out of... ever evolving passion for tactile creations CPPC understands how to get the best brand solutions for a product with an eye for detail, brand awareness, sustainability, innovation and budgets.

With over 20 years cross sector experience of product development and packaging we can offer a comprehensive solution for the best route to manufacture or we can offer a turnkey service with our comprehensive global manufacturing network.

Our drive is bringing new products to market, from those early conceptual conversations to seeing the physical product come to life and thriving in their market sector.

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What we think

is important


No longer just a buzz word this really has to mean something and here at CPPC we try to inject this into the conversation right from the get go. The solutions are coming thick and fast these days and don’t have to cost the “earth” so this has to be a priority for every partner at CPPC.  This being such a key priority for CPPC we have now become an approved partner with the Carbon Quota so we can integrate the route to a carbon positive brand from the outset where required.


Our partners always have the best ideas but sometimes it’s hard to see the best way forwards or how this might look in reality. With comprehensive presentations, 3D renders and research CPPC can bring those ideas to life before we commit to the physical product.

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It’s essential that we consider all aspects of a project from the logistics and timelines to the costs and functionality. It’s only when we look at the whole picture that we can give our partners the best results.


With many years of experience CPPC always aim to offer the most effective solutions in terms of production feasibly, costs and global impact. Sometimes less is just more.


What we do


How we do it




What we might think of as a day to day supplier and client relationship bringing a global supply network and product development team to the table as required.





The true worth of CPPC is only really brought to the fore when we are part of the team. In this instance we become the procurement partner for your brand, really getting under the skin of the day to day requirements, and becoming that extension of the team so the founders and champions of the brand can be freed up to sell and market their products as they should be.



As an extension of the procurement facility we can offer we can also engage a large team of design and product development specialist who work day to day with our supply lines. This gives an open ended solution that can keep up with the growth of ideas and concepts your brand might have at those early stages of development. This includes full technical drawings and 3D renders where required even if CPPC is not the final manufacturer of that specific product.




In addition we have a stand-alone CAD sampling team who can take our chosen concepts and bring these to life so you can see the physical item as soon as  and the concepts are approved. This gives us the option to do multiple samples to present to the final manufacturing line to help speed up and refine that sign off process.

Case Studies

Fortnum & Mason is as iconic in luxury food as it's possible to be. Here at CPPC we were charged with bringing their luxury mince pie collection to life with food grade carton gift boxes using Pantone litho printing and intricate high definition foiling. Along the way among the many challenges we met the biggest one was preventing all that butter from migrating through the board while avoiding any polymer based laminates that would impact the recyclability of the boxes.

Established twenty years ago, Tilly Sveaas founded her eponymous jewellery brand whilst on a prolonged gap year in Bali. Tilly wanted CPPC to create a revised set of gift packaging that would enhance and uphold the core values of her stunning jewellery and brand but with a keen eye on the environment. Using a pallet of deep dyed paper throughout the range and marrying that with the textile elements of the gift sets the result is minimal and neutral to enhance the unboxing experience.

Akt is a London based premium skincare label that creates intelligent deodorant formulations BORN TO PERFORM however active your lifestyle might be. CPPC has been integral in not only the development of the core packaging range, from the bold use of primary deep dyed colorplan paper stocks to the supply of their 100% aluminium tubes, their bespoke ecommerce packaging, their gifting range and also the development of new product lines as we speak.


Machina's story is one of coffee and music. The brainchild of two people on the lookout for their next creative challenge. One, an ex DJ and A&R Manager from the music industry, with a major coffee obsession. The other, a long-time coffee industry professional, with a background in training and a semi-professional show-tune singing habit...


At Owl and Lark it's their mission to empower people to sleep better night after night after night after night. So the challenge was to deliver their extraordinary mattresses in a sustainable and creative way that suited the usability of the brand. CPPC helped to develop a one size fits all roll top carry bag that once the mattress was delivered could have an onward life in your home as the ultimate utility bag.


Simple, Real, Bold, Positive are all the touchstones of Neat. Creating a sustainable solution in homewares and personal care Neat have developed an infinitely refillable range of products that do away with single use plastic completely. Our planet is in crisis and is changing fast, but Neat felt this was not reflected in the choices available to the consumer and here at CPPC we have been thrilled to be engaged on this positive move towards a better future.


Namsu take their lead from nature. A personal care brand using natural plant-derived ingredients that cleanse and rejuvenate both body and mind. With a packaging suite that is designed and made to last. Insert the refill inside the outer case, affix the pump top. Reuse, recycle and reduce waste. 

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CPPC have been working with the team and Wild for a good few months now and it’s clear this is fast becoming one of the most disruptive personal care brands out there. Replacing conventional deodorants with a bio-based refill cartridge that slots into a premium aluminium case for ease of use and transport in your gym bag. Much more to come from this brand and CPPC has worked across the brand portfolio in development and retail for both the primary and secondary pack.


We wanted products we were proud to buy and use, not ones we’d shove under a magazine, at checkout, hoping Sue-behind-the-till didn’t notice. We looked, but all we could find was naff packaging (think bright blue dildo-shaped lubes), no naturality, and aggressive slogans. So, we created Roam. Roam exists for all of us. Our aim is to challenge stigmas around sex, and to provide a range that supports what feels natural, so you can explore with comfort and confidence. 


" Lex at CPPC is great to work with. He understood the brand aesthetic really well and helped us produce packaging that has elevated our product and the customer experience. He is super easy to deal with and communicates the stages of production clearly. He is a pleasure to work with. "


"If only I had connected with Alex and the team at CPPC earlier... it would have saved me not only money but a whole lot of trouble. CPPC are a rare find with an incredible network and knowledge of the packaging and product development industry and can basically solve any packaging problem. Not only that but they do it with agility, great results and are a pleasure to work with"


“As a lean product development business, working with Alex and CPPC has been one of the best decisions we could have taken. His experience with everything from eco materials down to the detail of manufacturing processes has opened us to new product possibilities and elevated our existing brands far beyond what we thought was possible or affordable.”



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