5 years of CPPC!

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The ups and downs, the highs and lows, from Mince pies to Lube - CPPC has had the pleasure of working with some of the most disruptive brands in the market right now and it’s already been 5 years. We started out as a packaging supplier, and we now have eyes on the full procurement piece for many of our client’s while we champion new trends and bring sustainability to the core of all the work we do. Here’s to many more projects and many more disruptions into new markets.

What we do – Health and beauty, beverage, pharma, cosmetics, confectionary, Homewares.

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Paris Packaging Week

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Post Covid it’s been great to start getting back out and meeting suppliers and client’s again face to face. Once again CPPC took the trip to PCD Paris Packaging week 2022 on the hunt for innovation and creative packaging solutions for our partners. As our brief for primary and secondary packaging has expanded over the years we find relevance in more and more areas of this event and it’s clear that sustainability is the major driver now across all sectors.

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Reach out to find out more about what we saw, engaged with, and were inspired by.

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CPPC have been working with the team and Wild for a good few months now and it’s clear this is fast becoming one of the most disruptive personal care brands out there. Replacing conventional deodorants with a bio-based refill cartridge that slots into a premium aluminium case for ease of use and transport in your gym bag.

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Much more to come from this brand and CPPC has worked across the brand portfolio in development and retail for both the primary and secondary pack.

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CPPC x Namsû
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CPPC x Roam
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The move of the retail space to e-commerce has been accelerated at an incredible rate thanks to the pandemic but it has also created a brand new shop doorway that has pushed the creativity in this space. The “envelope” for what can be achieved with what is almost always a one-time use part of the packaging journey is innovative, exciting and in many cases very well considered. 

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CPPC x Brutwax

The challenges are inevitable, supply and demand being the greatest of these. As we emerge from this challenging times, here at CPPC there is no doubt that this is now one of the first conversation points with any packaging development brief.

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CPPC x Namsû

Here at CPPC towers Sustainability is always front and centre for us and our partners and as such infinitely recyclable substrates such as Aluminium and Glass are always a joy to work with. Treated correctly, and in conjunction with the right secondary packaging, these can almost become the closed loop productions we all hope for these days.


And this month is Global Recycling Day so let’s celebrate getting it right and keeping it simple, so everyone can keep these materials in use for years and years to come.


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This month CPPC brings you the wonderful world of Roam, who exists to make the world a more sex positive place and to break down stigmas surrounding sex with 100% natural products for all.


Roam is 100% natural and only ever uses ingredients found in nature. All their products are vegan, they’re proudly
plant-based and cruelty free.

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Roam is also sustainable with all their packaging being recyclable and made from 100% recycled materials.


By only using Fair Rubber in our condoms, Roam pays a premium to ensure rubber farmers can build a more sustainable future for their families.

Go to https://exploreroam.com to get involved and see the creative packaging solutions we have brought to the table (and the bedroom).



Everyone loves a candle at xmas but these really broke the mould. Brutwax is a London based company, creating hand-poured candles and other products, with a focus on Brutalist aesthetics. 


The products take inspiration from the forms, textures and materials of Brutalist architecture and apply them to everyday home decor. Brutwax highlight the beauty of the architecture, which is often subject to criticism, by showing it in an entirely new light to a larger audience as a product they are familiar with.


Each candle is hand-poured using an all natural wax, with a crackling wooden wick, and comes with a hand-poured and hand finished base, using a specially formulated, high strength concrete. The candles are around 160mm tall and weigh roughly 750g.

Here at CPPC Ltd we paired the brands ethos on raw and industrial forms with the creation of a bespoke 0427 carton with contoured lines in heavy duty materials.

James Cropper


It's all in the blend.

How do we deliver on the three cornerstones of modern paper-making… performance, appeal and circularity?


It begins and ends with fibre.

The majority of the environmental impact for both recycled and virgin paper is attributable to the combustion of fuels for pulp and paper production. However, assuming best in class technology is used, the impacts from virgin and recycled paper are broadly similar.

But what if the reclaimed fibre comes from difficult to recycle, high-volume waste streams which would otherwise end up in landfill or incineration?


This was the fate of 2.5 billion single use coffee cups every year until 2013, when James Cropper pioneered the world’s first technology to extract the good quality paper fibre used in coffee cups, and upcycle it into beautiful, premium paper.

The upside is not only environmental. This is a powerful story for brands to tell their consumers. 

But what about appearance? What about the look and feel; the experience of paper which is also crucial to the consumer brand experience? 

With 175 years of premium paper-making knowledge behind, James Cropper know that expertise in fibre selection and colour application, alongside a bespoke approach to each product, allow them to create paper products which give valuable waste streams a second life while maximising performance and aesthetics.

CPPC recently took the #IspirstionStation to the lakes for a visit to the home of paper, James Cropper, to workshop an exciting bespoke paper project in conjunction with GF Smith and to get under the skin of the heart of the paper mill and how it operates. Along with their amazing strides into a more sustainable future working with repulping consumer waste we were also reminded of their great work for the Poppy appeal by producing all the rich and vivid colourfast paper for this amazing cause.


Keep watching for more news about the above project and a new blog each month.


 CarbonQuota was formed to provide a better way to calculate the carbon impact of manufacturing. A way that minimises the use of averages, data from another country or out of date information. And a way that is led jointly by real industry experts and scientists.

Namsû are Carbon Measured Products soon to be carbon neutral thanks to CarbonQuota.

"Print businesses need to start with a baseline of their carbon emissions so they know where to focus for a carbon reduction programme.  This baseline is a technical process that should be carried out and certified by companies like CarbonQuota. "


We can carbon footprint anything from a poster to a building and even a full end-to-end supply chain! The best place to start is the carbon footprint of what is under your direct control, before thinking about materials, distribution or what happens to your product at the end of its life – these can be done afterwards.  Whilst many of our customers are printers, print managers and design agencies, we also deal with the mega-brands to help them drive carbon reduction programmes in their print supply chain. An operational carbon footprint starts with baselining from two years of carbon emissions as this allows for peaks and troughs from trading.  We support this plan with a set of detailed recommendations to help the carbon reduction process for the next 12 months and repeat the project quarterly or annually to certify the reduction. 

Dominic Harris
Co - Founder

120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry. 95% of this is thrown away after just one use. We are taking responsibility for the future of our products. Namsû products are packaged using our refill and recycle system. Unlike a refill pouch, our bottles are 100% kerbside recyclable. Whenever you use a refill, you use up to 60% less plastic than if you would have purchased a traditional bottle and pump. Refill more to save more.

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A typical bottle of cleaner is 90% water and a whole lot of single use plastic. Neat was created to provide an alternative when caring for our homes. At neat, with the help of CPPC, we make beautiful cleaning products that perform brilliantly and cut down on waste. No single use plastic and no need to ship water around the world. Our vegan and cruelty free cleaning products have plant derived and biodegradable ingredients, are plastic free and made in Great Britain. Simply mix them with tap water in our reusable aluminium refill bottle for a great clean without the plastic waste.

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"Our vegan
and cruelty free
cleaning products
have plant derived
and biodegradable  ingredients, are plastic free and made in
Great Britain


" This product shows up the idiocy and heavy carbon burden of shipping around water in consumer products by simply being a brilliant alternative. Here you get only the concentrate in a little glass bottle to which you add water and decant into a reusable cleaning bottle made from aluminium with a trigger spray. The antibac refill is nicely scented (mango and fig) and just needs to be poured in carefully and mixed with 470ml of water from your tap. There is a range of three products, which are all you need for a clean home.  The chemistry is not groundbreaking but the decluttering possibilities are as enticing as the decarbonising"

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Lucy Siegle / The Times Weekend

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"If only I had connected with Alex and the team at CPPC earlier... it would have saved me not only money but a whole lot of trouble. CPPC are a rare find with an incredible network and knowledge of the packaging and product development industry and can basically solve any packaging problem. Not only that but they do it with agility, great results and are a pleasure to work with"